Hope-Wish long range IR laser camera special design for the complex illumination environment of highway, Can effectively avoid interference of strong light., multi-lane wide viewing angle coverage, day and night clear imaging , to meet the 800-1500 meters on the highway within 24 hours of real-time monitoring. About transmission,On the extension of the expressway, lay fiber, transmit video and reverse control signals. Fiber transmission with long range distance, the signal attenuation is small, the price is cheap, suitable for long-distance transmission. Once the laying is completed, can be used all year round, can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

highway surveillance system

  1. Long-distance night vision function: long-range laser camera with more than 1500 meters long-range night vision ability, effectively solve the problem of conventional camera can not work at night.
  2. Strong light suppression ability: Optimize the infrared long wave imaging and ultra-narrow laser optical window technology, can effectively inhibit the glare saturation phenomenonof lamp on the CCD imaging , in the railway and highway complex lighting environment can be clear imaging all day and night.
  3. All-weather monitoring: with a strong fog rain and snow penetration ability, can adapt to a variety of lighting conditions, backlight compensation to ensure that during the day, night and backlight conditions can get a clear image.
  4. Centralized device management: users can remotely log the central management server, centralized management of various devices within the system and resources.
  5. Multi-level system cascade: support a variety of network protocols, support for dynamic IP, support CDMA1x, 3G wireless transmission. ,
  6. Distributed storage management: the use of distributed storage management technology to achieve the storage of the hierarchical, network, with plans, linkage, manual and other video, video search and return visit function, easy to operate.
  7. Concurrent video broadcast: support unicast / multicast, multi-screen remote real-time monitoring, with group round jump function.
  8. Two-way voice communication: in any one network terminal on the front-end control points for audio intercom or broadcast.
  9. linkage alarm management: alarm event occurs, the system can automatically trigger a series of preset linkage, to achieve intelligent alarm system.
  10. Virtual network matrix: can be bound to front-end monitoring points and video decoder, to achieve network virtual matrix, control the video wall to achieve monitoring and packet conversion.
  11. hierarchical user management: according to the different needs of users at all levels, using different permissions to access different resources.

12.WEB Browse: Users can view the video resources in the system in real time through IE browser anytime, anywhere, and can carry out the corresponding resource management.


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