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2. Features( laser )

1). Strong light inhibition

  • Capability to focus clear from 0.4-0.85um visible light to near infrared;
  • Built-in diaphragm eliminates stray light;
  • 16bit image processing, adjustable contrast;

2). Wide coverage

  • Laser lens:0.5-25mm, 50X continuous zoom, 0.7°—55° laser angle ensures wide coverage area;
  • Super uniform laser and perfect match of laser and imaging FOV;

3). Synchronized zoom

  • DSS illumination angle control patent enables laser to zoom together with visible lens;
  • Independent  photosensitive ensures the synchronization of switching on of laser and camera B/W mode;
  • SLM laser alignment, 0.01° accuracy, laser adjustment device at the side of camera;

4). High reliability

  • Semiconductor laser sealed with pure nitrogen, 20000 hours service life;
  • Capability to function properly under all weather conditions without any extra temperature controller;
  • Aluminum alloy housing, IP66 rated;


  • Dual channel thermal camera:thermal camera works in collaboration with visible camera;
  • Strong light inhibition:5-14um spectral response, free of interference from strong light;
  • High thermal sensitivity:35mk NETD, crisp thermal image;
  • Covert: thermal camera works without any supplementary lighting;
  • Low power consumption:35W power consumption, accessible to solar power supply


  1. Application


railway IR surveillance



















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