Vehicle vision security system composed of a thermal camera(or infrared laser camera) and a color TV camera. In daytime, HD color to B/W CCD,can do a widely search at short range and collect image from a long distance;at night adopt the latest uncooled Vox detector and continuous thermal zoom lens,with good imaging effect and good stealthiness, avoiding the interference of outside lighting .









For police or fire fighter,See Suspects, Obstacles, and any Heat/fire Source in Total Darkness – See Through Smoke & Light Fog – These Thermal Cameras see through smoke, allowing Safety Professionals to respond safely in brush fire or tunnel fire situations.

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A mounted vehicle monitor allows the driver to visualize more information and react sooner using the Thermal Camera. It should be noted that the wildlife seen on the monitor increases identification and the ultimate safety for the professional. Vehicle Thermal Cameras are easy to install, work with most commercial displays, and can be mounted according to the requirements of each driver or agency.

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