Airport Security officials’ mission is to detect and track intruders, assess threats, coordinate responses (whether human patrols or automatic door closing) and gather evidence for law enforcement prosecution.



  1. The system can not interfere with the communication contact during the flight and landing of the aircraft
  2. It must be closely matched with the TV monitoring system of the flight area. When the boundary is invaded, destroyed and systematically Alarm, can also use the TV monitor to see the alarm boundary situation, to help deal with the problem in a timely manner.
  3. As the area of the flight area away from the terminal and apron, dark at night, for this reason, the system should also be associated with the lighting system at the border to ensure that the necessary illumination, while the alarm at the same time open the light on the intruder Is also a deterrent.



Hope-Wish infrared security systems are ideal solutions for the airport’s security and surveillance needs. The systems use a continuously rotating head to produce 360 degree images and detect and track intrusions in real time.This comprehensive  24/7 surveillance immediately solves the deficiencies of light-based camera monitoring. In addition, the mid or long wave infrared sensors allow detection of a human at several km distance in total darkness and adverse weather including fog, rain, snow, and smoke.

aiport surveillance

Airport Security Camera Surveillance System  

  1. TVC series of dual-vision long-range thermal imaging camera

designed specifically for the airport perimeter ,it integrates infrared thermal camera, HD color camera, which can output two video at the same time, effectively solve the weather impact of a wide range of search targets, 2 mega pixel HD color to black camera and 336X256/640X512 large diameter uncooled thermal imaging camera, and supplemented by 360-degree pan-tilt could detect 2km-10km target both day and night.


  1. RC Long distance night vision camera,could identify suspicious people

RC series long-range IR laser camera, designed for day and night monitoring,adopt active infrared laser as light source, and high-resolution low-light telephoto camera for 7/24 hour surveillance. See clearly the human or vehicle up to 3km at night.


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