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BTVC Dual Channel T Shape Thermal Camera
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BTVC Dual Channel T Shape Thermal Camera
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    • Integrating thermal camera and optical camera
    • Thermal camera NETD 50mk, SDE digital image enhancement.
    • Anti-light, anti-surge. Resist 3000V instant current.
    • Aluminum alloy housing, ingress protection of IP66 anti-water, dustproof.


    Emergency management, vehicle-mounted , city security, oilfield, river& lake, freeway & railway, airport & seaport .

    Model BTVC4102-0437-S BTVC4105-0437-S BTVC4102-1930-S BTVC4105-1930-S
    Detection Vehicle: 1700m Vehicle: 4200m Vehicle: 1700m Vehicle: 4200m
      Human: 720m Human: 1640m Human: 720m Human: 1640m
    Identification Vehicle: 420m Vehicle: 1200m Vehicle: 420m Vehicle: 1200m
      Human: 180m Human: 470m Human: 180m Human: 470m
    Thermal sensor 336*256, UFPA, 7-14um spectral response, 50mk NETD
    Thermal lens 20mm F1.0 50mm F1.0 20mm F1.0 50mm F1.0
    FOV 15.5°×11.6° 6.5×4.8° 20mm F1.0 6.5×4.8°
    Visible sensor 440,000 pixels,
    auto color to B/W CCD at 0.01Lux
    2 mega pixels,
    auto color to B/W CMOS at 0.01Lux
    Visible Lens 3.5mm-129.5mm, 37X optical, motorized zoom, auto focus 4.3mm~129mm,30X optical, motorized zoom, auto focus
    Pan 0° to 360° continuous
    Tilt -90°~+90°
    Pan speed 0°~100°/s
    Tilt speed 0°~60°/s
    Preset 128
    Scan 3(user can set the starting and end point; adjustable scanning speed; )
    Path 6(16 points for each path, adjustable duration on each point)
    Pattern 3(approx. 2 minutes for each pattern)
    Menu language English
    Auto homing Homing time(1-99mins), homing action(preset/scanning/path/pattern)
    Protocol Pelco-D/P and other mainstream protocols
    Baud rate 2400/4800/9600/19200bps
    Heating/defrosting/Wiper Available
    Interface 2 BNC analog video(optional single video switch output) ,1*RS485 control,1*AC24V/DC24V 1* BNC analog thermal video, 1* HD IP visible video, 1 *RS485 control, 1 AC24V/DC24V
    Ingress protection IP66
    Working temp. -35~55℃
    Power supply AC24V/2.5A
    Weight 7kg

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