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BRC04 T Shape PTZ Laser Camera
  • BRC04 200m
BRC04 T Shape PTZ Laser Camera
  • BRC04 200m


    • 50°laser source, max illumination distance 300~450m.
    • Unique DSS digital illumination angle control, 0.1°minimum zooming accompany camera.
    • GHT super homogenizing ensures better imaging effect.
    • Independent photoswitch ensures the synchronization of B&W conversion and turning on of laser source.
    • Built-in intelligent delay to avoid the influence of car light.
    • One integral aluminum alloy cover, water proof and anti-dust, IP66 ingress protection.


    Safe city, oilfield, lake&river, expressway&railway, seaport&airport.
     Model  BRC0418  BRC0427  BRC0426  BRC0436  BRC0436X
    Detection Day: 400m; Night:300m Day: 500m;
     Night: 300m
    Day: 500m;
     Night: 300m
    Day: 600m;
    Night: 300m
    Day: 600m;
    Night: 450m
    CCD 1/4'' color to B/W CCD, 440000 pixel, automatic ICR switch
    Focal length 4.1~73.8mm, 18 optical zoom, 12 digital zoom 3.5~95mm,27 optical zoom,16 digital zoom 3.5~91mm, 26 optical zoom, 12 digital zoom 3.4~122.4mm, 36X optical zoom, 12 digital zoom
    FOV 48°~2.8° 54.2°~2.1° 54.2°~2.2° 57.8°~1.7°
    Min. illumination 0.7lux /0.01lux 1.0lux /0.07lux 1.0lux /0.01lux 1.4lux /0.01lux
    Consumption 5W, 808nm ,NIR
    Laser lens 30mm F1.0 Fast lens, GHT homogenizing 30mmF1.4 telephoto lens, GHT homogenizing
    Laser angle 2.3°~50° 1°~40°
    Angle control DSS digital illumination control, min 0.1o illumination zooming, manual/automatic switch
    Optical axis aiming 0.01°SLM automatic axis automatic aiming and locking
    Pan rotation 0°~360° continuously
    Tilt rotation -90°~+90°
    Rotation speed  Pan: 0°~100°/s, tilt: 0°~80°/s
    Preset 128
    Line scan 3 path(User could set up the starting point, destination and scanning speed)
    Patrol 6 path(each path have 16 staying point, staying time at such points are adjustable)
    Pattern 3(2min/pattern)
    Privacy Zone Yes, hiding covers are different depending on model.
    Menu OSD menu, Chinese and English menu setting, password setting
    Auto homing Waiting time 1~99min, homing path preset position/line scan/patrol/pattern are available
    Pan home User could set the north direction manually, then the other direction will be set automatically
    Protocol Integrate 16 kinds of main control protocol, like PELCO-D/P
    Baud rate 2400/4800/9600/19200bps
    Heat/demisting/ wiper Yes
    Laser switch Auto/manual
    Waterproof IP66,TVS1500V anti-lighting, anti-wave
    Operational tempe. -35~55℃
    Power supply AC24V/2.5A, DC12V/3.5A
    Weight 7kg

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